iPhone tricks that you must know

These days iPhone has become a very popular phone as it is simple to use and people think that it is a sign of luxury. But people do not know what their iPhone can do, that means there are some features of iPhone which are not familiar with people, So now I have selected some important tricks of iPhone that can make your work on iPhone more easier to do.        

These iPhone tricks are listed below

How to switch on caps lock while typing 

Rapidly double tap the button with an arrow pointing upwards. If a short line comes below the upward pointing arrow then it means caps lock is switched on.

Undo typing mistakes
Whenever you are typing, sometimes you delete the words which you didn’t want to you can undo it by shaking your iPhone.

How to take a screenshot 
You have to just press the home and power button together to take a screenshot.

How to charge your iPhone faster
If you want to charge your phone faster just put it on airplane mode and then plug in your charger.

How to close every open app in iPhone /or how to do Multitasking in iPhone
If you want to close very open app then/ you want to multitask then you have to just press home button two times then a screen will open that screen is know as app switcher, now you can close the app by sliding them up.

How to Toss[flip a coin} through your iPhone
You have to just tell Siri “Hey Siri, flip a coin,”  and she will tell you the results.


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